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Formally educated at Iowa State University in Aerospace Engineering, Joey credits the majority of his common sense and critical thinking skills to the classroom of rural Iowa.  The small Red Oak Iowa farm, which he called home, taught Joey to mend fences and troubleshoot every device within reach.  Most importantly, he learned of his love to tinker out of that rural landscape.
This tinkering desire led to a collegiate career of colorful projects ranging from supersonic business jets to mars rovers to high altitude reconnaissance drones to participation in the student body government.  

Navigating through these various projects, a trend for structuring new ideas became apparent.  The trend fostered a skill, uniquely developed by such a wide array of design-build projects.  This specific skill is what led to the commitment of co-founding Dream Forge.  

Jonathan has worked in product design and development since 2013.  

He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, where he led teams in the SAE Aerodesign competition and managed fabrication for the MAVRIC Mars Rover.  He also interned at the US DoE Ames Lab, where he created a heat transfer simulation of the computational physics data center and managed the computational physics website.  

After college, Jonathan worked for a virtual reality applications business.  Later, he worked with a consumer goods start-up and assisted with the design of products under three successful brands:

Ello, Zulu, and Pogo.
Currently, Jonathan works for as a Civilian Contractor for the USAF as an Aerospace Engineer.  

Jonathan has three years of experience developing systems and products for both industrial and consumer markets.  

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